Dried Red Chillies 1 kg, Coriander Seeds 1/2 kg,

Cloves 20gm, black Peppercorns 50gm,

Fennel Seeds 100 gm, Cumin Seeds 25 gm,

Shahi Jeera(Black Cumin Seeds) 25 gm,

Masala ilaichi(Black/Brown Cardmom) 50 gm,

Cinnamon Sticks 50 gm, Dagad Phool 50 gm,

Nag Kesar 25 gm, Black Mustard Seeds 25 gm,

Dried Turmeric Root 25 gm, Badal Phool 10 gm,

Whole Asafoetida Stones 25 gm, Nutmeg 2 Whole,


Break the turmeric,asafoetida and nutmeg. Other than red chillies, coriander seeds and nutmeg, saute all the other ingredients in a litle
oil individually. Lastly saute the chillies and coriander seeds and them make a fine powder of all the ingredients together. Will keep in an air-tight container for a year.